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'I create pictures cause I wanna see them.'

Chris Gertges is an experimental painter working across various mediums and styles. His work draws visual inspiration from many themes including portrait, landscape, travel and abstraction. Instinct and composition are always key driving forces behind the work. His recent interests move more towards the boundaries of abstract and realist representation, and deconstructing realism situations.

Chris began his creative journey in the German countryside, experimenting with photography from age 12. Inspired by the surrealists, he transitioned to painting and drawing in the 90s. Moving to West Berlin, he became immersed in the arts scene and launched his first exhibition. Around this time he became close friends with Mati Klarwein and Ernst Fuchs. Under Fuchs' mentorship, he contributed to the St.Egit chapel's artwork in Klagenfurt, honing his skills in old masters painting techniques. Later, he also delved into digital art and was invited to showcase a series in Cuba.

Chris has showcased his work in solo and/or group exhibitions in Germany, New York, Cuba, Paris, Monaco. He is currently working on art and music projects in his studios in Berlin and Cyprus.


Christopher John Gertges discovered his interest in art and music at an early age while gazing at the many paintings on the walls of his family home. Growing up in the German countryside, Chris was surrounded by nature and, at the age of 12, began developing his own creative projects.

Inspired by the art around him, he acquired his first photo camera and darkroom and began developing his own photos. A family friend put him in touch with the famous photographer Charles Wilp, a video producer from the 1970's , known for his trendsetting television commercials. ( 

At the age of 14, Chris discovered the paintings of Salvador Dalí, Mati Klarwein, Ernst Fuchs and Max Ernst, which began to influence his photography. Little did he know that many years later he would develop close friendships with Mati Klarwein and Ernst Fuchs.

The 90's
 Strongly influenced by the surrealism movement and inspired by his idols, Chris started to focus on painting and drawing. Finding new ways to express himself, initially through sketches & drawings, oil paintings soon became his preferred medium.

Shortly afterwards he moved to West Berlin. A new chapter began. Berlin was a mecca for young artists, developing ground-breaking ideas and pushing the boundaries of the established art world. Chris launched his first art exhibition. Focusing mainly on painting, he also developed a career in music, primarily playing the saxophone and flute, while continuing to develop his photography skills.

Chris felt at home in the Arts: the music, the painting, the exploration about what is possible and how to express it, little acts of artistic rebellion, while following ongoing movements and studying various fine art techniques. He became close friends with Mati Klarwein and Ernst Fuchs, who in turn were friends with Picasso and Dalí. Matis' extensive record covers art for artists including Santana, Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix, had an pronounced impact on Chris. Chris spent many summers in Mati’s home in Mallorca/Spain, sharing their passion in the arts and fostering their friendship. During this time Chris began studying the “Old Masters“ painting techniques.

A few years later, Mati introduced Chris to his mentor Professor Ernst Fuchs ( the Founder of Fantastic Realism in Vienna). Together they painted the ceiling and walls inside the St.Egit chapel in Klagenfurt/Austria, where Chris continued to develop his old masters painting technique.

At this time, music became more present in Chris’ life as well. He began exploring with digital art, and participated in several exhibitions in New York, while also performing on stage with his saxophone in and around Harlem.


The 2000's
In 2002, Chris made several visits to Havana/Cuba, and was invited to exhibit his images in the 'Alessandro Humboldt Museum‘
During that time, he was inspired and became involved in the Santeria community and their spiritual rituals and music.

During numerous visits to Bali, in the presence of the famous painter Yati, Professor Yoman and Surdana from Ubud, Chris was granted access to study some Balinese painting technique, allowing him to broaden his portfolio.

Discovering the Californian art magazines JUXTAPOZ and HIGH FRUCTOSE, he went to Los Angeles, where he established a connection with painters from the LowbrowArt Scene which further inspiring and influenced his work.

Chris splits his time between the city of Berlin and the island of Cyprus. He continues to draw from the rich and humbling experiences he collected painting and playing music, inspired by the many friends and artists he has met across the globe.


  • Participation on "Art around the Park", New York City and continuing working on paintings in Berlin and Cyprus

  • working (camera & outfit) on the ArtMovie "THE PINK ROOM" by Katherine Martin &
    Parichard Holm, the LA.Artgirls, and other artactions , Los Angeles.

  • working with Ernst Fuchs on the Chappell Painting Project "Apocalypse" in Klagenfurt

  • Artaction with ZIGURI-Group  at "Documenta Kassel" !

  • different Music- and Artprojects in Germany

  • Public Library, Times Square, New York

  • Summerlounge - Gallery, New York

  • Exhibition "Movin Art" Gallery, Berlin

  • Exhibition "Humboldt Museum", Havana - Cuba

  • Art Bienale Sarcelles, Paris

  • "Chimera - Project", New York

  • Exhibition "Medicinal Institute", Hamburg

  • Exhibition "Movin Art" Gallery, Berlin

  • Exhibition Villa Faraldi, Monaco

  • Regular Subscriptions for Art Magazin "SHIFT" in Berlin / New York

  • Stop in Bali: Lessons by Prof. Joman etc. in Balinese Painting Technique

  • Contact and Exchange with Ernst Fuchs and Abdul Mati Klarwein

  • Since 1995 many stops in New York: Work on Art-Projects

  • Since 1992 Oil painting-Exhibitions in Berlin

  • Different Commissions for Design of CD- and Book-Covers

  • Contact and Exchange with Charles Wilp

  • Autodidactic Works in Sections: Photo, Painting and Music

Chris Gertges -me painting on New York traps.jpg


Besides the displayed artwork, Chris participated in numerous music projects, especially at Cypress and in Berlin, where he started his teaching career.

Chris Gertges


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